Warwick Energy Limited

Warwick Energy Limited (WEL) was formed in late 2000 as a UK focussed developer of upstream energy production projects. It is the beneficiary of a substantial base of experience and knowledge with proven success in the core areas of the business - project management, generation/production, resources and risk management. The company has focussed its efforts on establishing a track record and asset base in the following four areas.

The management continue to develop a portfolio of assets which form a sound base from which to expand the business activity in the UK in full compliance with the comprehensive suite of environmental protection and planning laws.

WEL believe renewable energy is an important strategic area of development and has achieved a highly successful, and internationally renown, track record in this area. This includes development of sites for the generation of electricity from renewable fuels using advanced conversion technologies (ACTs).
WEL successfully created the 90MW Barrow and 300MW Thanet Offshore Wind farms and obtained all consents required for both projects. It completed the necessary engineering studies and selected the contractors before disposing of both schemes in 2003 and 2007 respectively. The Barrow and Thanet projects are now in full operation.

WEL also developed the Dudgeon Offshore Wind project. WEL disposed of this project in late 2012 having completed much of the consenting and design work. Dudgeon, now in its construction phase and designed to produce 402MW, should start generation in 2017.

In parallel with renewable energy activity the company successfully completed the consents and engineering process for turning its depleted gas field at Caythorpe into a gas storage project as well as a range of other exploration initiatives.