Renewable Energy Projects

Warwick Energy is Britain's leading independent developer of offshore wind farms. It has successfully developed the Barrow, Thanet and Dudgeon offshore wind projects amounting to almost 800 MW of capacity in total.

The Barrow scheme comprises 30 wind turbines. Development consent was granted in March 2003 and the 90 MW scheme became fully operational in 2006.

The 300MW Thanet project was fully consented in December 2006 and became operational in 2010 at which point it became the largest producing offshore wind farm in the world, a position it held for around two years before even larger projects became operational.

Consents for offshore and onshore elements of the Dudgeon were granted in 2012 following substantial Environmental Impact Assessments. The project, now owned by Statoil and Statkraft, is in its construction phase and the 402MW project should commence generation in 2017.