The Bentinck generating site in Nottinghamshire was developed to process mines gas from the abandoned Annesley-Bentinck mine complex. The site commenced operations in July 2001 using the mines gas as the primary fuel for three Deutz reciprocating engine generators, producing 10.5 MW of power for supply into the local network.

Mines gas, also known as coal mine methane (CMM) is trapped within the coals and can be released over a long period even after a mine has ceased production. CMM is a much more dangerous greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide and at Bentinck was otherwise being vented to the atmosphere. Installation of power generation converts the CMM into a useful product whilst providing significant environmental benefits.

Production of CMM has declined to a level that it is no longer economic to produce. However the site infra-structure remains and the company has been granted planning and environmental consents to develop a project utilising advanced gasifier technology and this work is underway with commissioning of a pilot scheme expected by 2015.