PRESS RELEASE ,September 25th 2006


Thanet Offshore Wind Limited (TOW), a subsidiary of Warwick Energy Limited, has
chosen SLP Energy as the preferred supplier of foundations for the 300MW Thanet
project. SLP Energy will supply 100 monopiles and transition pieces to support the
Vestas V90 turbines selected for the project.

SLP Energy will commence supplying the foundations in mid 2007 to enable
foundation installation to take place during 2007 and early 2008. SLP Energy and
TOW will now be working together over the next few months on detailed designs and
programme for the project.

The award to SLP Energy is subject to the finalisation and agreement on the detailed
terms and conditions. Full contract signature will depend, amongst other things, on
receipt of development consents and overall project viability. Applications for consent
for the project were submitted in November 2005 and are still under consideration.
Vestas were chosen as the preferred Turbine supplier in July 2006. Tenders for the
remaining major contracts, chiefly for the electrical works, are still being considered
and further contractor selections are expected in October 2006.
SLP’s Chief Executive David Edwards stated:
We are delighted that TOW, a new customer to SLP, have awarded us this contract
and wish to thank them for giving us this opportunity to further develop our capability
and designs for offshore wind farm contracting
We look forward to creating a successful project together with TOW and the project
SLP Energy, based in Lowestoft, Suffolk, have a long and successful track record in
delivering energy infrastructure in the marine environment and have been involved in
the offshore wind industry since 2001.

Warwick Energy Limited
1. In January 2004, Warwick Energy announced plans to develop an offshore wind
farm more than 11 km to the North East of the Thanet coast in East Kent. The
company received exclusive rights to the site under an agreement with The Crown
Estate. The project would include up to 100 wind turbine generators producing on
average enough electricity to supply 240,000 homes with green electricity.
2. During 2004 and 2005 TOW conducted a large number of surveys and studies on
the site, consistent with the Scoping Report submitted in July 2004. The results of
these studies formed the basis for the Environmental Statement (ES) that
accompanied the application for consents.
3. The public exhibitions, conducted in June 2005, were attended by 731 people of
whom 400 (55%) returned a questionnaire, either at the exhibitions or afterwards
by post, which provided feedback to the scheme as shown below. Of the responses
received, 43% were strongly supportive of the proposed scheme, 30% supportive,
20% undecided, 2% against and 5% strongly against. Analysis of the reasons
given for being against the project reveals that most were based on the potential
navigational risks, visual impact of the wind turbines from the shore or the
potential impact on the local bird population. The ES demonstrated that any
impact in these areas, as a consequence of the development, would be negligible.
4. It is expected that electricity generation from offshore wind farms, such as this
one at Thanet, will make a significant contribution towards the UK’s target of
producing 15% of its energy needs from renewable sources by 2015. The project
will avoid CO2 emissions of between 0.6 and 1 million tonnes per year, depending
on whether the electricity produced displaces gas or coal fired generation.
5. Warwick Energy’s wind farm project at Thanet is one of 15 projects announced by
the Crown Estate in January 2004 as a second national Round of offshore wind
projects. Other ‘Round 2’ projects being proposed by other companies in the
Thames area are those called London Array and Greater Gabbard. The Kentish
Flats wind farm off Whitstable, commissioned in 2005, was part of the first Round
of demonstrator wind farm projects launched by the Crown Estate in early 2001.
Contacts: Mark Petterson Director, Warwick Energy 01789 471091
Warwick Energy Limited, Wellesbourne House, Wellesbourne, Warwick, CV35 9JB
SLP Energy
SLP Energy is the trading name for Sea & Land Power and Energy Limited.
SLP Energy based in Lowestoft, Suffolk was specifically established to provide
dedicated services for the renewable energy industry. As a wholly owned subsidiary
of SLP Engineering Limited, SLP Energy can draw upon nearly 40 years experience
in design, engineering, fabrication, construction and installation to provide optimised
solutions for renewable energy developments.
SLP Engineering Ltd. based in Lowestoft, Suffolk are one of the leading main
contractors to the offshore energy industry. The company has undertaken many major
projects incorporating a wide variety of innovative engineering solutions
The company considers itself one of the “elite” as its management systems are
certified to the highest industry standards including ISO 9001 (quality), ISO 14001
(environmental) and OHSAS 18001 (occupational health and safety)
For further information contact:
Ian Taylor, General Manager SLP Energy Tel: 01502 548471



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