Caythorpe Gas Field

The Caythorpe gas field, located near Bridlington in East Yorkshire, was discovered in 1987 and was put into production in 1992, initially producing natural gas, via pipeline, to the nearby gas distribution system.

The site was converted to power generation in December 1997, generating 9 MW of power for supply to the local electricity network. Gas production was initially from the Rotliegendes sandstone reservoir (the main producing horizon in the Southern North Sea) but in 2002 the well was re-completed on a second horizon within the Permian carbonate section, after a hydraulic fracturing operation, to increase production and producible reserves.

As the gas reserves gradually depleted Warwick Energy realised that the field had significant potential because of its size, flow capacity, and location to be re-developed to become an important gas storage reservoir. Planning and environmental consents were granted for this redevelopment before Warwick Energy sold the project to Centrica Storage Limited.